Phew! There is the line about the best laid plans of mice & men…etc.etc..but it seems le petit hotel owners martine & bruce were lucky to get away on their holiday in france. It appears now now that the quake has revealed an ancient fault line which maybe hasn’t moved for 16,000 years!
Anyway we are both here in France & are currently positioned in a delightful lakeside place called Annecy…..a little like Queenstown, but with plenty of ancient history behind it..and surrounded by towering limestone mountains all having been under the sea millions of years ago….this country is old..really old…and I guess that’s its significant difference with our tiny island country. We are travelling using a Peugeot eurolease 207 diesel…its an amazing car…using about 4.9 litre/100km…and with lots of torque. Its very easy to exceed 130km on the french roads. Tomorrow we are moving down to the Gorge du Verdon and into a small b&b perched high in the mountains…accessible using what kiwis call a goat track!