Two days at Chasteuil wasn’t really long enough, but the Le Petit Hotel holiday plans called for a stop off in Draguignan further south, to see some friends of Martine and then we had a B & B to find in Le Plan du Tour…a place first recorded in the 12th Century as  Castrum de Planaturris.

Plan de la tour is a small village about 6Km from the med. coast not too far from either Saint Maxime or Saint Tropez. Martine’s spontaneous “off the cuff” choice for accommodation in the area was an establishment called Maison d’hôte La Bergerie, visit La Bergerie
a friendly guest house, just 3 kms from Plan de la Tour, and as it turned out…..a very good one at that..The B & B ( more a true Provencal style home) was built on the vestiges of an old shepherds hut…which belonged to the owners family. A stylish, pristine home, providing both studios and chambres, the property overlooked the owners vineyard, and was complete with the essential pool for the hot balmy Provencial Summer evenings.
Our friendly super hosts Françoise and Gilles and their great terrace breakfasts meant more regrets when we left two days later.

Despite the scorching summers & little rain, this area of France abounds in cork, olive, Pin Parasol trees ( a mediteranean pine with an umbrella type structure) & others including chestnuts & eucalyptus….so its quite green inspite of the dry climate….& then there is the deep blue sea never too far away  ..and it is truly blue.