France is 10hrs behind NZ time…at the moment, so breakfast at 9 is really 7am!
This morning we had our petit dejeuner out on the terrace. ..despite the presence of the blustery Mistral wind blowing around our tables….its the equiv of our nz southerly….& in the winter it can be bitterly cold…but in Autumn here its not too bad. We both had a leisurely breakfast…with Martine having the usual delicious croissants while bruce can only look on with envy now since his gluten intolerance has developed… here I am at the table munching on my corn sacramental catholic like/type wafers which I try to disguise with loads of butter, apricot confiture & cheese…while Martine enjoys her pastries… my mother back in Temuka, used to say when she got older….life is not fair!
Talking about life….here in Provence you can’t help but be reminded of how insignificant our human lifetimes are in the scale of things. The huge white limestone mountains laid down by millions of sea creatures…millions of years ago..then millions of years later raised up out of the sea to form southern France…then there are the Roman ruins of which St Remy has its examples.
You are never far from history in France..& so it is that Nostradamus the french philosopher & doctor…who made his well known predictions for the future…..he was born in St Remy.
St Remy…is the home of the author Vicki Archer…an Australian who has written two lavishly illustrated pictorial books describing the “French Life” she and her family have discovered in Provence. Both books are on the shelves back in Le Petit Hotel NZ.

Tomorrow we head west again…..destination: Agde…southwest of Montpellier.