Yesterday Thursday…saw us on the road again…we bade farewell to Martine’s sisters & brother..and headed towards Millau.

Le Petit Hotel neighbours Bruce & Janine have a share in a canal/house boat….and just by coincidence they had arrived in Montpellier from Paris via the TGV yesterday and after a few texts we located the two of them not long on their boat in Frontignan, which is just a few kms north east of Agde. Much excitement to see familar faces so far from Christchurch. After a leisurely coffee & a bite of cheese on board we headed off on the road in the direction of Millau.
Martine had prearranged a couple of bednights in a tiny village called Saint Victor.. in the heart of Roquefort cheese “country”. However the highlight off our late afternoon arrival in the village was the discovery of the fresco paintings by Nicolai Greschny in the local Eglise de Saint-Victor. Tomorrow we are off to see the spectacular Millau bridge.

Now its time to confess I’m sending this blog note from a Mac do just outside Millau..have viewed the bridge in brilliant sunshine. Tomorrow we head further north, via the Millau bridge, for a night in Moulins before our final run through to Paris on Sunday.

Millau: A bridge among bridges