Early postings to this blog were made using a Eken tablet.  A Chinese representative 7″ MID unit with the model # m001, the device provides a very inexpensive alternative to the iPAD, and while it lacks the generally acknowledged smooth functionality of the Mac hardware/software, all things considered, including its resistive touch screen, it offers a useful range of applications based on the Google Android operating system,   including the provision of a browser, & an email client. A minor issue could be seen in the typical battery life of about 2.5hrs…however for non business use, and using the device purposefully, it is more than adequate for a holiday communications gadget. A simple solar charged lithium flat battery pack with a 9v output would be an inexpensive useful adjunct to the tablet

As it transpired…as a wifi communications gadget it worked well for the entire 2010 holiday..

The connection problems experienced in many places, can be attributable to incorrect network setups and in some cases  the networks simply demanded that you pass through just too many hoops before granting a wifi  connection permission. However as mention elsewhere in this Le Petit Hotel travel blog, the free wifi networks provided in the MacDonalds & Quick restaurants were well worth a Mac do and some frites, when all else failed.